Monday, June 8, 2009

Video Footage Of Said Show


Went into the city to catch Iron Age, Mind Eraser, and Rival Mob on Saturday. I fucked up once again. I have this problem called loving sleep. This problem is easily defined. I love to sleep. The show was supposed to start at 3 and I woke up at 2. That left me an hour to shower and get into the city. Parking was a complete bitch. Nowhere to park whatsoever but what do you expect on a beautiful, sunny saturday afternoon. I ended up parking right in front of the venue after about a two hour trip into the city due to traffic which caused me to miss Rival Mob. That really bummed me out because no matter how hard I try to catch this band I always fuck up. Whatever their not breaking up so Ill have the chance in the future. Next band I caught was Mind Eraser. They absolutely floored me. There was something very genuine about their presence. DFJ gets so absorbed into this demon which is Mind Eraser. The energy was there and the crowd was into it. The only thing that sort of sucked was the sound at The Cake Shop (venue). That still didn't take away from how intense their set was. 
Also I am going to go out and say it. Iron Age is no longer a hardcore band. They are a rock and roll band in every sense of the word. Mic stand and echoing that sounded like the second coming of christ. Riffs that made me melt after the first song. If you haven't heard The Sleeping Eye LP then you are really fucking up. This record will brain wash you. Im not kidding. Ridiculous. Riff after riff after riff until your head literally cant take anymore. Perfect. They played a lot of off their new record and closed with Into The Void. Set ruled and they sounded perfect.
After this it brought me into the night. Show number 2. Same lineup except Rival Mob didn't play. Just my fucking luck but Im not going to complain for one reason, Mind Eraser. I haven't seen anything like this in a really long time. The second they started playing this place erupted. Its like the everyone in the crowd was mad for years and decided to let it out at this one set. Pure punishment. The set may have lasted 10 minutes im not really sure and it was one of the best performances that I have ever seen. I always appreciated this band but this weekend sealed the deal and made me firmly believe that they are Top Dogs in the game right now. Stage covered with blood due to people getting smashed and spitting up the insides of their lips. Excellent sound that really captured them as a band. Can not wait until I see them again. Mind Eraser. All that needs to be said about my weekend. My mind was truly erased.

photo's by Manny Mares

Thursday, June 4, 2009


As the nights go on and the day's blend together you start to realize how wild life is. How quickly things can change and how much of a roller coaster it is. Up and down, left and right, with shit thrown at you in every direction. Its kind of hard to cope with everything around you. Especially when you try to mentally run from it. It's very easy to fake a smile and pretend like you don't care. On the other hand, it isn't easy to deal with the pain that builds up inside and the frustration. I realize that for the 21 years ive been living I have taken a lot for granted and basically took the point of life with a grain of salt. Ignorant and close minded I kind of walked all over everything that was given to me. Life isn't easy and I haven't taken any shortcuts to help myself out. You can only dig so deep until you completely bury yourself. I'll put it to you this way, with the way I have lived I've died 8 times and pulled myself out of a hole and I have one life left. That's the life that im living now. Pressure can really get to your head and turn you into someone you don't want to be. Depression and anxiety can affect everyday life so much that its almost unbearable. They say you can't go backwards and change things that you have done but god dammit I wish I could. It's seriously awful the way I ran my life and the things I put my parents through. I see the kids that I grew up with and the people around me doing the same shit for the past 6 years. Everyone gets so self absorbed into a routine that they can't pull themselves out of it. Do I want to change? Yes. What do I want to change? My rapid thinking patterns and my impulsive attitude. I throw away hope for anything way to fast and that brings me to a place where I really don't like to venture. If I only could figure out this long road I would pack up my things and go. Leave a dusty trail behind me and the ashes of a life that I once lived along with it. Ill hold my hand out to the ones that loved and to the others that begged I would fail will crumble in the long run. A new road and a new life. This is to the old memories that torture me and the terrible things ive done. New road hold high hopes as I pack up my things and go...