Monday, July 6, 2009

Despite the feeling of overwhelming emptiness im ok. Right?

A lot has been ripped from me in the last few weeks. I guess in the last few years my mind has been ripped from me and im still sitting here wondering who the fuck stole it and when will I get it back. I sit here and wonder was the last year and a half a complete mistake. All I have are these memories and I dont know what to do. Im afraid to go back into a relationship that im almost positive will fall apart. Hope and dedication is even an option at this point. Moving on and trying new things is and I think thats what I need to do. It seriously crazy that my mind is on so many different levels thinking about so many different things with every breathe I take. There are a few things im looking forward to. Recording this new Suburban Scum record. Were going to the Machine Shop to demo on July 18th so they can get an idea of what their expecting for the actual record. Then on July 28th we go in for a week for the real deal. Recording wont take a week to record this EP at all but I'm almost postiive that this thing is going to sound very massive and next level. Weve been writing our asses off and this is what has come out since January. I hope people enjoy it. This weekend we leave with a car full of goons to Summer Of Hate in Ohio which I could not be more stoked for. Pretty stacked show with some surprises in it as well. My mind is dangerous and im the only one who can control it. Life isn't over its just begun. 

PS - This is the only album you need to listen to all summer. Shook Ones - "The Unquotable A.M.H." Thank me later.

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