Saturday, March 7, 2009


Now ever since I stopped drinking a lot of people say "yo youll have a beer one day and thats okay" and this and that. I honestly don't nearly see that day in my future at all. People ask "so what are you straight edge now" and Ive basically replied "I guess you could say that". There was never a day where I sat down and said yes now im straight edge. Now im apart of something. It was a choice that I made for myself in order to move forward. Sort of a way to separate me from the life that I was living and its giving me power to push on. In no way, shape, or form to I look down on people who drink. I was looking down on myself and the way I was living and wanted to change that. Id say personally I was straight edge the day I decided I truly never wanted to have a drink again or feel "fucked up". Lifes hard enough to figure out never mind that bullshit. You shouldn't put something into your body to relieve stress or have a good time. You should have the power and the mindset to do it yourself. It became a routine. Drinking was my vice. A weakness and something I needed to overcome. Cig's completely suck I never got into that. Weed is a complete joke. Ive experienced a lot in the book of narcotics and its all a joke and a cop out at least for me. I feel strongly about this and Im finally not fogged like I was. I know the direction I want to go. Life will go on but there's a difference. I will be on top of my own life and make the decisions I need to make. Physically Strong. Mental Strong. xxx. 



  1. You've given me the biggest, most-genuine smile I've had all week. Not because of a "declaration," but because of your feelings and how positive you are.

  2. yo respect

    they will never know what it's like to have, what we have.

  3. strong men control others the strongest control themselves