Thursday, May 7, 2009

Last Lights "No Past No Present No Future"

Im sure you have heard a lot about this band due the the tragic passing away of frontman Dominic Mallary which occurred on December 30th, 2008. This record is a collection of everything Last Lights has produced as a band and it hits very close to home. The lyrics are very sincere and heartfelt. I wrote this band off for a while and I'm happy I finally gave them a chance. If you have spare time please sit down and check this record out. Read through the lyrics and become absorbed in it for the short amount of time that it lasts. Dominic was a great lyricist and these recordings will be passed on for a lifetime until hardcore and punk is dead. Its a shame I never got to see this band live. I wonder what would have come of this band if he didn't pass away? All I can say is that he will live through these recordings and for a lifetime after we are gone. This is true hardcore with a true meaning and purpose. A band with something to say. A band that pisses on the land of the slave. Last Lights. R.I.P.

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