Tuesday, May 26, 2009


It's pretty insane how a piece of paper controls everything in the entire world. Looking around everything is controlled by it. It can make or break a person. Your whole life revolves around how much you make and what you spend it on. Your judged by it. People say money doesn't buy happiness and its the little things that count. I agree with this in a way. Little things really do matter to me. I'm not a materialistic person at all but imagine having no limits. You are free to go out into the world and spend cash on whatever you want, however much you want, and still live comfortably. That is seriously a dream and walking around NYC yesterday it seems like a lot of people are well off. Sure you see your occasional bum sitting on the corner with a sign that reads "I'm gonna spend your money on booze I'm only being honest" but looking into the sky you see these humongous sky rise apartments. Lofts that look beautiful with sky top gardens. Everyone decked the fuck out and eating at expensive restaurants. Guys dressed to impress and ladies in 300 dollar dresses. You have to work hard to get to where you want. It must be nice to live a day where expenses aren't a thought. You almost wonder how people live so freely? What are they doing with their lives that they are so well off? I can't wait for the day that I am truly financially comfortable in my skin. 

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  1. don't be. money will be a thing of the past hopefully soon. it doesn't even exist. it's a debt. not our debt, but our forefathers debt. it's fucked man. ever watch zeitgeist? you should check it out, it'll give you a different perspective on our so called "society."