Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Weekend/Matinee Review/I Suck

Well this weekend was just splendid to say the least. I picked up April on Friday from Metuchen and we headed to my favorite diner "Fountain Blue" which is always incredible. I got a grilled chicken wrap with french fries. Let me tell you. The french fries at this place are next level. Id consider killing someone for grabbing one off of my plate. Well probably not cause thats a little extreme but you catch my drift. April got breakfast, as usual. I swear this girl could eat breakfast 5 times a day and still crave more. Then we strolled home and cuddled the night away. Woke up Saturday and hung around the house a bit before me, her, and Mij went to a friend of ours, Kelsey's, at Temple University. It was a formal so everyone was dressed pretty smooth. Especially Mij in his cold world shirt and hair matted off of the side of his damn head. Needless to say I had a good time. Kelsey's roomate's were all really nice. Hooked it up with all sorts of treats and whatnot and breakfast in the morning. Cant beat that. Took april to a meeting in the morning at her work then headed back to jersey Sunday afternoon.

Once I got home I rushed around and hopped in the shower cause I wanted to make the show without missing any bands. The show was originally supposed to be Ensign, Torchbearer, Black Kites, Staring Problem, To The Fullest, and Plague Bearers but Torchbearer had to drop off due to the drummers lady having a baby. Congrats! Ensign dropped off because the drummer broke his hand the night before. You would think that the headlining band dropping off would effect the draw but it really didn't. 45 people paid and this place is pretty small so it looked packed. Good vibes and friends hanging out. Black Kites stole the show imo. You seriously need to see this band live before you write them off on the recording. Trust me. Jeff is a madman. Really fun to watch. Sounds like a 6 piece when in actuality its only a 3 piece. Staring Problem seemed to play a bit sloppy. Lots of energy though and the Presidents masks were funny. Plague Bearers surprised the shit out of me. The bassist weirded me out in a good way if that makes any sense. They played really tight. Looking forward to seeing more of them.

After the show I dropped dumbass Ryan Teal off and sped home cause I didn't want to leave april waiting any longer. Came home. Had dinner. Rested, layed around you know the deal. Straight chilled and there's nothing better. Woke up monday did the sammmmmeee thing and it still doesn't get old. I guess because we live so far away from eachother that doing nothing and just being together is enough to pass the time. Yesterday got a little messy but I had an off day. Wasn't feeling like me at all. Kinda zoned out and dumb but whatever. I can say i feel good now. I think this is the first weekend where i didn't text a soul and didn't pay attention to my phone like at all. And i still plan on doing that. I have no desire to talk to anyone lately. Just want to clear my head. Sober in 09. Come fuck with it.

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