Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Well this weekend was just a delight let me tell you. Friday was the ETOWN CONCRETE reunion at Starland Ballroom. Now I had very low expectations going into this show for a few reasons. Reason number one being that it was at Starland Ballroom and ETC draws some of the weirdest crowds known to mankind. Wiggers (me), Guidos, Rednecks, and a few hardcore heads. The lineup was completely stacked. ETC, Skarhead, Maximum Penalty, Billyclub Sandwich. Now I know it sounds like I picked that lineup but trust me I didn't. It happened. The show was nothing short of a blast. Worth every sent. Billy Club sounded soo damn full and heavy. Maximum Penalty was some groovey shit. New songs that are coming out on their Reaper release sounded very very tight. Now here comes Skarhead. Wow. They opened with "Juggernaut" and I was hoping they would do the whole song. They didn't but it was still quite the site. Im guessing EZEC was a tad late so they had to stall it for a minute after the intro. When he approached the stage his entrance was nothing short of classic. People went nuts. They brought all their goons with them and had about 20 people on stage. All the antics of a perfect skarhead set happened. Whipping beers off of the stage and all sorts of good stuff. Great set and probably the most fun set of the night. Now here comes ETOWN. They opened with TIME 2 SHINE and that got me siked. The whole set honestly didn't do to much for me due to massive amounts of push mosh from the freaks. Ive seen ETC more than I have seen any other band. Dont get me wrong I sang along to every song they played but Ive seen better sets by them. I lost my shit during the encore. Came back out and played "End Of The Rainbow". Their is still teeth marks in my hand. Sign of a good show. Got lost on the way home somehow even though ive been to this place a hand full of times. Whatever it happens.

Saturday was another good day. Me and april went out to breakfast and I proceeded to take her home because she had work. A good breakfast non the less. Then I drove back home and chilled in for a bit. Made a few basketball bets but nothing big and just stayed inside till about 1030. After I headed over to Joey YCs in edison where tons of wii and hangout happened. It was a really chill night and I got home at 3 am. 

Sunday Suburban Scum had a matinee lined up over at the VFW hall in Denville. We played along side our buddies in Pellinore and Dogpile. A good friend of mine Bobby filled in on bass. Kudos to him for learning the songs somewhat in one practice. We had a really good time at the show. The venue was pretty sweet. People moshed and moshed and moshed during our set. The walls got broken on both sides. One side was because of the kid who booked the show so I didn't feel as bad as I would have. Still corny though but what can you do. A kid standing on a table next us playing called us clowns and everyone moshing clowns. That was nice of him. I love being called a clown. Ill fuck him in his ass next time I see him since he had such kind things to say about us. Cause you know, I like fucking guys asses and stuff. Anyway long story short it was a good weekend. Woke up today and went to a great diner called Nifty 50s in Philly. Wild shit going on there. Then went up to north JERZ to chill with Ryan Fleshtemple aka (the biggest homo that ever graced this earth). He gave me records and chocolate and we had taco bell. Hes a filthy animal. Stayed sober as a mouse (dont know if mice stay sober) but i did. I feel great. Goodnight ladies and gentleman.


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  1. I'm so psyched for you friend. I feel like the responsiblity of driving is also another force helping you make the right decisions when you need to. And of course you know I got you.